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The Masters Bust Collection

TuxedoNoted American Artist, Sculptor and Designer Robert R. Toth introduces you to his 'Realm of Art' Gallery Collection.

He has directed his talent toward a celebration of the American ideal of quality through his series of custom sculptures and paintings. "As an artist I've always been drawn to things larger than life. Things that take on a meaning beyond themselves and fill us with memory and emotion, embodying the spirit of a dynamic time or celebrating a special event or achievement. The theme running through all my work is greatness; something far beyond the ordinary. Things which symbolize a standard of excellence in design and achievement".

The compelling purpose of "The Masters" has been to energize our lives to greater possibilities and pointed the way for us. The artists, writers, musicians, scientists, the entrepreneurs of yesteryear. For me, these images have created a stimulating environment. They are the force that activate new beginnings. Their images remind us that a purpose allows us to be at our creative best, and that a life of responsibility and commitment will lead to achievement and greater expectations, and to maximize our potential.

For many years I have been directing my sculpture ability toward the exploration for the best of human achievement, which has grown into a series of portraits busts (The Masters Collection) that give off an aura of inspiration for me. I believe these images are symbols that manifest energy that can stimulate any environment. When I read their great quotations and the principles they lived by, I empathize with appreciation for Edison when I turn on an electric light, see a movie, listen to recorded sound. Einstein for his theories, Franklin for his entrepreneurial spirit, Beethoven for his compositions, Shakespeare for his contribution to literature, Montessori for education, Da Vinci for his diversity.

The display of these sculptures in your home, library, corporate offices, or given as achievement awards, I know "The Masters" will enhance any decor with a positive message.

I thank all who share part of my collection for their wise choice. I hope it stimulates your environment as it has mine.


Robert R. Toth is the founder of RT-DESIGNS USA. His sculptures and paintings are of a diverse variety that occupy his studio. These and other creative designs present a variety of themes, some of which are featured in this presentation, which in essence is a part of his gallery.

Toth who grew up in New Jersey, graduated from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, where he majored in Fine Art. His post graduate studies were at the Art Students League, New York City, and the Cape School of Art with Henry Hensche, Provincetown, Mass. He has worked in industry creating architectural renderings and designing trophies. For several years he was on the design staff with Congoleum Industries. In 1975 he established the "Island heights Studio of Art" and RT-DESIGNS USA.. He presently resides and is working from his new studio facility in North Carolina now the home of RT-DESIGNS USA.

Robert Toth can provide Distinct Designs upon Customer request

His work is displayed in private and public collections in this country and throughout the world. The following list is representative of some of these:


  • Edison Historic Site, West Orange, New Jersey
  • Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Titanic Historical Society Archives, New York City
  • American Phonograph Collecting Society, Berkeley, California
  • Smithsonian Institute National Portrait Gallery, Wash., DC
  • Iwashimizu-Hachiman-Gu Shrine, Kyoto, Japan
  • Domino Classic Car Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum (AMA), Pickerington, Ohio
  • Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy
  • Spencer Transportation Museum, Spencer , NC


Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner - Commissioned by The Lincoln Center, NYC.

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN - Commissioned by The Lincoln Center, NYC. 8.5" small Beethoven

Charles Darwin- commissioned by Columbia Pictures for the movie "Salt" Staring Angelina Jolie

Charles Darwin - Commissioned by Columbia Pictures for the movie "Salt"
Staring Angelina Jolie. 11" small Darwin You might want to see the News Articles here

Albert Einstien - Commisioned by Dr. Bause for Berman Museum of Art, PA

Albert Einstein - Commissioned by the Einstein College of Medicine, NYC and also by Dr. Bause for Berman Museum of Art, PA. 8" small Einstein


  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York City

    Harry S. Truman - Commissioned by Masonic Lodge, Columbia, MO - 9" Harry Truman bust - Take a visit to the Hall of Presidents

  • MGM Studios, Hollywood, CA
  • 20th Century Fox, Motion Picture Industry
  • Miramax, Motion Picture Industry
  • Showtime TV
  • NBC TV
  • Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA
  • Andrew Jackson Society, Salisbury, NC
  • Montessori World Wide Organization. MD
  • Greater Columbus Ohio Film Festival Award
  • Masonic Lodge of Columbia, Missouri
  • Beethoven – Commissioned by Lincoln Center, NYC
  • Truman – Commissioned by The Masons, Columbia, MO
  • Einstein - Commissioned for The Berman Museum of Art, Philly, PA region

Thomas Edison Bust

9" Thomas Edison Patent Award Bust Or you may order a Life-size bust The news article found on this page may interest you.

Citizens Patriot Award given at the Pentagon

Citizens Patriot Award given at the Pentagon

Awarded to Senators Robert Dole and John McCain and others

Awarded to Senators Robert Dole and John McCain and others

Edison Patent Award video


  • Edison Museum and Birthplace, Milan Ohio
  • Friends of Franklin, Philadelphia, PA
  • Featured at the Edison Centenary Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Mostly Mozart Festival, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, NY City
  • Metropolitan Opera, New York City
  • The Berman Museum of Art in Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA region.

Harry Houdini- Commisioned by The Gary Darwin Magic Museum, Las Vegas, NV

Harry Houdini - Commissioned by The Gary Darwin Magic Museum, Las Vegas, NV Harry Houdini BustYouTube video tribute to magic

Thomas Edison Plaque

Thomas Edison Plaque - Commissioned for the Edison Historic Site Museum, West Orange New Jersey

Sigmund Freud part of A Centennial Salute to Freud and Einstein's 1905 Centennial

Sigmund Freud -
part of A Centennial Salute to
Freud and Einstein's 1905 Centennial


Take a walk with Robert Toth through Carolina Bronze Foundry as he explains the creative process behind his work.

This Bust of Former President Abraham Lincoln, Sculpted by Salisbury artist Robert Toth.

Abraham Lincoln - Commissioned by the George W. Bush Presidential center. News 14 video

Andrew Jackson - Commissioned by The Andrew Jackson Society, Salisbury, NC -- Hall of Presidents


Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Office of The Secretary of The Navy, Pentagon, Washington DC
The Nations Capital, Washington, DC




Toth has also completed nearly 100 instructional television programs demonstrating art, including two series, "Art and Creativity" and "The Realm of Art", both of which were featured on "Adelphia Cable" and "CTN" networks. He has been the subject in "American Artist Magazine"and a variety of other publications

In every custom series the medium is selected to best receive the hand finished patinas that enhance the fine art quality of these sculptures. Robert has directed his talents toward an opulent era, revived in America today, by combining the best of form and function with artistic expression. For a fragment of time we are in the nostalgic past sharing the artist's creative vision that mentally transports us by provoking our special talents of fine art observation and sensitivity.

The nature of some of these specialty items is that they take time. They are not mass produced. They are hand crafted and painted. Please be prepared to wait 6 to 8 weeks for some of our designs, and 12 or more weeks for foundry cast bronze. Many of our designs are available within a week to ten days. Please call to verify.   RT-DESIGNS USA combines the best of form and function with artistic expression and a touch of nostalgia.

Benjamin Franklin commissioned by The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Benjamin Franklin - Commissioned by The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Nikola Tesla - 21" Life Size mask (including base) video unveiling

Nathan Hale - Commissioned by the Reserve Officer's Association, Washington, D.C.

Tesla & Twain “A friendship remembered” $150 each / 2 for $275

Bookends / gifts / specialty awards

Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain were friends and mutual admirers. Tesla – recognized as a scientist, inventor and discoverer, Twain – famous writer, travel writer and a satirist – both of them were real dreamers. Two world famous and renowned figures lived and worked during the period that includes the 19 th and 20 th century. Although their creative orientation was different, it wasn't impossible for them to be great friends, to socialize appreciate and deeply respect the work and contribution of the other. In Tesla's legacy, among many surviving archival documents, personal and technical subjects, monographs and serials, several letters of correspondence that these two giants exchanged, were found. The aim of this study was to examine the character of their friendship, to present some details of their friendship, which denominators were discovered between the two of them and to offer new saved documents, less-known details from the life stories of two deserving people

Creators of quality investment art.
Robert R. Toth

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